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We understand that 1+1 will always equal 2.


We are experts in financial analysis who use our skills to build profiles of individuals or groups for suspicious activity. We conduct detailed examinations into complex records, data, and documents that help us trace transactions connected with crimes like a fraud - ensuring you know exactly where every penny goes! We are passionate about our work and enjoy the challenge of identifying an alternative explanation.

We are often called upon to provide compelling evidence in criminal cases. This involves assembling all available facts and information, along with an application for focusing that attention on one explanation among many possibilities - usually through applying data analytics techniques such as statistics or math modeling—to methodically identify what happened so far without being too restrictive about future outcomes.

Accompany case agents on interviews of subjects or critical witnesses in secure, non-confrontational settings so they can give their statements truthfully without feeling intimidated. We are often engaged to help gather evidence and prepare search warrants/affidavits associated with the requested financial analysis. We also perform routine administrative tasks such as preparing exhibits for trial purposes; monitoring court proceedings remotely via TV feed from selected trials whenever possible - this allows us access 24 hours per day, seven days a week, which is especially helpful when there's limited staff availability due to both illnesses among other things.

Our case reports will give you an in-depth look into your client's finances. We provide visuals and graphics so that no detail is missed when it comes to an understanding of their assets or where they may be found for recovery/restitution purposes; we also offer executive summaries which highlight key points from each section along with conclusions following grammatically accurate language patterns throughout its text body.

Our Associates are...,

  • Intellectually curious: Consider all known data and evidence in an unbiased manner.

  • Data-driven: Suspend judgment to consider the evidence, context, & methodologies.

  • Reasonable: Measure behavior and conclude with sound judgment and common sense.

  • Well-informed: Gather adequate and reliable information, data, and evidence.

  • Open-minded: Free from bias and receptive to new information, data, and ideas from others.

We provide our clients with perspective in situations evaluating whether accounting data is presented relatively without GAAP-based restrictions, such as:​

  • Identification of financial issues

  • Knowledge of investigating techniques

  • Knowledge of evidence

  • Interpretation of financial information/records

  • Communication of finds

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