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What is Forensic Accounting? 

Forensic and investigative accountants may have a role in recovering proceeds of crime, which could be related to corruption or money laundering. Forensic accounting is more about figuring out what happened with the actual asset, while fraud auditing looks ahead--anticipating future problems before they happen. Fraudsters often leave evidence, such as records showing orders being placed online for goods that never arrived at their destination, credit card bills unpaid despite frequent purchases made using these cards simultaneously (known as "card bathing"), and so on.

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"In the old days, you would have one lawyer to handle everything: speeding tickets, marriage, buying a house, contracts, litigation, divorce, real estate, copyrights, leasing, entertainment, intellectual property, forensic accounting, criminal offenses... the list goes on.
Now, you have to have a separate lawyer for each of those categories."
James Belushi
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