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We Investigate Financial Fraud.

We are a dedicated team of experts with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the legal system, allowing us to provide expert witness assistance during both court proceedings or consulting expert services for other support engagements.

"The fraudster's greatest liability is the certainty that the fraud is too clever to be detected."
Louis J. Freeh


Litigation Support.

The litigation support team of our firm meets with prosecutors and defense attorneys to discuss strategies for cases.


We deliver financial investigation reports, which include visuals as well graphics/the identity assets sought by law firms seeking recovery or restoration from deficiency actions based on an estimate provided during initial consultation time frames that are communicated throughout each report's content grammatically with a professional tone.


The team will provide their support in connection with actual, pending, or potential legal or regulatory proceedings, civil or criminal, before a trier of fact about resolving a dispute between two or more parties. A trier of fact is a court, regulatory body, or government authority; their agents; a grand jury; or an arbitrator or mediator of a dispute for such items as,

  • Pre- and post-Bankruptcy {liquidation, solvency, or restructuring}

  • Business Valuations {income, market, or cost approach}

  • Economic Damages {business interruption, personal injury}

  • Estate Valuations

  • Intellectual Property

  • Matrimonial Assessment and Analysis

  • Misappropriation of Assets 

  • Shareholder Disputes

Dispute Resolution.

To dispute something means you are questioning the truth of it. An example is when someone suspects that a claim might not be valid, which would lead to conflict between two people if they try to win each others' respect by proving themselves right in this verbal controversy or debate over whether tennis players should wear racquets on their hands instead off one's back like traditional rules say-and disagreeing about what's best for playing these games!


The five strategies for conflict resolution are, 







To strengthen their case, parties can choose one or more types of assessments depending on what they need from the process and how confident they feel.

Forensic Accounting.

To protect the assets of an individual or organization from internal and external threats, a responsible manager needs to conduct systematic inquiries into specific situations.

Expert Witness

We have scientific, technical, and specialized knowledge to assist the "trier of fact" in understanding the evidence or determining facts in the issue. We can express opinions based on sufficient facts or data, be the product of reliable methodology, and be case-specific.

Consulting Expert

We aid in advocating for the law firm's client. We assist with formulating strategy, reviewing documents, and providing other assistance in resolving the matter.  In this capacity, we operate under the attorney-client privilege: FRCP 26(b)(4)(D) protects against another party’s discovery of facts and or opinions of consulting experts who are retained in anticipation of litigation and not expected to testify at trial.  

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

Henry Ford

Fraud Investigation.

We resolve fraud allegations from inception to disposition. More specifically, obtaining evidence, conducting interviews, writing comprehensive reports, and testifying to findings.


In such areas as,​​

  • Digital Autopsy

  • e-Discovery / Cybercrime

  • Elder Financial Exploitation 

  • Vulnerable Person / Minor Exploitation

  • Embezzlement / Pilfering / Theft

  • Estate Malpractice/Misuse

  • Expert Evidence Assessment

  • Public Corruption Investigation

  • Scrutiny of Insurance Claims

  • Matrimonial / Asset Tracing

  • Private Investigation / Surveillance

"Revolutions are effected in two ways,
by force, and by fraud".
Fraud Prevention.

The connection between fraud prevention and cybercrime is not a one-way street. As professionals develop new ways to authenticate, detect or prevent online crimes like identity theft from happening at all; the criminals are always adapting by networking for more information about these innovations while also monetizing their schemes on dark web marketplaces where you can buy everything under the sun with Bitcoin


The need arises when people don't use strong passwords anymore because they're easy enough that any criminal willing has access to them, meaning there will never indeed be an end in sight until something drastic happens, such as a significant website compromise.


The latest figures show that fraudsters use increasingly sophisticated strategies to succeed in their fraudulent activities. Fraud prevention technology continues to progress, but it's essential not to be fooled by dishonest tactics.


·       Is your organization vulnerable to fraud?

·       Are there adequate controls in place?


Test your organization's fraud health with a COMPLIMENTARY Checklist Resource Guide. Join our mailing list, and receive it via email.  

Business Consulting.

Engaged to focus on solving internal business issues, such as, 

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Exit Strategies (M&A)

  • Economic Damages

  • Partnership Dissolution

  • Valuation of Operations

  • Audit of Internal Controls

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